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  unlucky, dumb or blinkered

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Tope Hunter

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PostSubject: unlucky, dumb or blinkered    Tue Jun 02, 2015 8:50 pm

how many times have you turned up at a venue armed with all your tackle and bait and decided to fish a certain way only to regret it when the fish want the opposite of what you're offering (methods and baits)
here are a few of mine Embarassed
1,fishing llandudno one afternoon in brilliant sunshine using a rod and feathers mackerel bashing some fish were pushing  the sandeels right up onto the beach, I kept dropping all colors of feathers into them for an hour and nothing then one of the predators came to close and beached itself for a second or two  they were bass  Sad
2, fishing holyhead breakwater on another sunny day on baits and  was struggling along came a young lad with a 6ft spinning rod and spinners,Shocked  he walked past us and proceeded to catch polock every cast on small rubber fish and lures. affraid
3, fishing over some broken ground one day at range to fish the patches of sand for bass had a bass about 3 lb but nothing else and lost 8 leads then along came one of the local lads who had put me onto the mark all  he had was a bucket with A dozen peeler he picked on his way over to me 6 spark plugs a 12ft light bass rod and a packet of hooks in his pocket he rigged up and dropped his crab bait about 20 ft out near some rocks he ended up with 5 good bass all bigger than mine (all the bass as usual returned )
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PostSubject: Re: unlucky, dumb or blinkered    Tue Jun 02, 2015 9:11 pm

Your spot on with that Clive lol!
Sounds like all of my sessions Crying or Very sad Embarassed
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unlucky, dumb or blinkered
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