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 Britain's Busiest Beach

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PostSubject: Britain's Busiest Beach   Britain's Busiest Beach EmptySun Aug 16, 2009 10:51 am

Flicking through Sea Dangler Issue # 443 August 6th - Sept 2nd page 68
an article caught my eye,

Britain’s Busiest Beach
..The bites never stop coming...
The venue always gives up many species…rays are almost certain to show…literally anyone can catch…no need to cast to the horizon…less than 50 yards…if it’s flounders and turbot you want then less than 10 yards

Splash Point during an airshow? - No
Borth -apparently - and I was working just around the corner!!!
So Tuesday evening saw me all excited and arriving just before Low.

It didn’t look that busy!

Britain's Busiest Beach Borthbusy1001

Not convinced by those 10 yard turbot I waded out 30 yards in m’shorts and launched rag -tipped with cynicsm.

Britain's Busiest Beach Borthbusy1002

It wasn’t exactly a corker of a session and doubtless the very small tide didn’t help, but the mag. was partly right, the rod tip just kept on dipping and I did catch loads of species ,

-in fact I’ve never seem so many types of weed and I had a particularly huge take -that turned out to be a bin bag.

Wednesday at dusk, a change of venue.
Chucked the Slug-go off Aberystwyth North Beach landing stage for an hour, kept busy only by chatty passers by.
Britain's Busiest Beach Borthbusy1003

Britain's Busiest Beach Borthbusy1004

Thursday night,
on Aberystwyth’s quiet South beach

Britain's Busiest Beach Borthbusyone007

Britain's Busiest Beach Borthbusy1005

Britain's Busiest Beach Borthbusyone006

Britain's Busiest Beach Borthbusyone010

at least the dogs were ever reliable on sand eel.

Britain's Busiest Beach Borthbusyone011

As for Borth?
-Taking comfort in a second opinion from an Aberystwyth forum, tide is critical on Borth’s very shallow beach
- I’m busy planning a return session on a bigger tide !

Britain's Busiest Beach Borthbusyone009
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Britain's Busiest Beach Empty
PostSubject: Re: Britain's Busiest Beach   Britain's Busiest Beach EmptySun Aug 16, 2009 1:03 pm

and you just know the bloke who wrote it fishes round the corner on an empty beach full of fish, think its called being sold a dummy
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Britain's Busiest Beach
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