Playing With The Grown Ups
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Conger Hunter

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PostSubject: Leaders   Fri Sep 30, 2016 1:03 pm

I've been using strimmer line for a while now for my end setup.Thought I would pass the idea on to anybody who is interested.
I use clear lightweight strimmer line.Because it curls when you take it off the reel,I leave it in a pan with washing up liquid and water overnight and give it the odd stir.
I leave it in the pan and bring it to finger temperature on the cooker the next morning.I leave it for 20mins to soften,then hang it up like a washing line with weights on each end.
This takes the curl out of the line.
I cut the line to the length I need,and put a knotted loop in it (two maybe)
Then I cut the loop on the topside of the knot,which gives me a paternoster effect.
I use a small cleat to make a loop on the end to attach the hooklength.
Same at the bottom of the line and the top,one for the weight,one to attach the mainline.
Swivels can be attached if need be using small cleats if you prefer.
This enables you to cast without too many tangles,and also gives the rig a paternoster effect.
There's plenty of scope for one down two up etc,depending what you want.
It's handy for boat fishing as well.(Uptide or downtide.)
It cuts out the need for booms,which can be a pain in some situations.
You can choose the breaking strain of the hooklengths to suit the occasion,and vary the lengths to avoid them tangling.
It's a very simple easy to make up rig,and isn't expensive.
How many times have you wondered if you are fishing with a tangled end setup?
This doesn't say you wont get a tangle,but it is a lot less likely.
It can be used under a float with a stop knot.
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PostSubject: Re: Leaders   Fri Sep 30, 2016 8:30 pm

Interesting idea Idea

Only thing is you don't know what the breaking strain is ie: 60lb or whatever Exclamation

Like the idea though 10/10 for inventiveness Smile  thumbs up
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