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Tope Hunter

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PostSubject: FIRST CHOICE   Mon May 04, 2015 2:05 pm

Not posted for A while so decided to do this one Its now warming up and loads will be dusting the cobwebs of their rods and reels going through there tackle boxes and thinking of excuses to give there partners for having to get more tackle Rolling Eyes before I moved and used to fish the local beaches I used basically x3 rigs the first choice was A pulley pennel rig ideal for bass  just changing the size of hooks accordingly to the size of fish
 photo pully pennel_zpsl6wto8zv.jpg
the outher  pully rig was A
 photo pulley rig_zpshfq04o5i.jpg
The x3 one was A x2 hook clip down for scratching (hard fishing)and other fish had loads of bass on this as well
clip down rig photo clip down rig_zpsyu7dqbku.jpg
whats your choice of rigs fishing
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PostSubject: Re: FIRST CHOICE   Mon May 04, 2015 2:41 pm

A one up one down for me covers most of my needs.

From the shore;
If there's a strong current I'll use short snoods of 10 inch or so then the bait isn't flapping about all over the shop and getting tangled up with the rig body etc.
In a slack tide my snoods can be up to 30 inches long allowing the bait to flow around and spread it's scent.

From a boat;
I mostly use a single trace pennal rig which goes through a boom and ensures the bait is pretty much pinned to the sea bed.
Baited feathers get used a fair bit too.

If I'm aiming for flatty's I'll use a few beads, 5 or 6 illuminous ones or red and white if the water is dirty.
For clear water I'll use green and black beads.
I used to put loads on but now I find 5 or 6 is plenty.
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Swordfish Hunter

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PostSubject: Re: FIRST CHOICE   Mon May 04, 2015 5:59 pm

I'll be going with a pulley pennel rig now it's getting warmer but
When I get chance to use 2 rods I'll put a 2 hook flapper on my second
Rod. Very Happy

Boat wise once I've caught some mackerel on the feathers I switch
To a 4/0 hook with a Muppet and a booby bead. pirat pirat
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PostSubject: Re: FIRST CHOICE   

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