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 CBVSAC Boat Match 3. Straits. 11/7/10.

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PostSubject: CBVSAC Boat Match 3. Straits. 11/7/10.   Mon Jul 12, 2010 12:36 am

Five boats fished the third leg of Colwyn Bay Victoria Sea Angling Clubs boat league in the Menai Straits earlier today.

The fresh breeze kept the temperature down and the fact that we were mainly fishing the ebb meant the fishing could be challenging to say the least!

We set off from Moel Y Don and headed straight to Pwllfanogl to try for a Huss. We also dropped down mini rigs here to try and pick up some bonus species.

The mini rig was first to register a bite, and I was soon bringing a Corkwing to the boat. This was a massive bonus as nobody had a Corkwing in the last match here so we were heartbroken when it spat the bait at the side of the boat and disappeared back into the depths.

As we sat there thinking about what the escaped Corkwing might cost us, I had a run on the Huss rod, baited with half a fresh Mackeral from Fridays trip on Suveran. I picked it up and couldnt feel much in the way of resistance but the fish kept taking line so I reeled down to it and retrieved. There wasn’t a great deal of weight so I assumed it was a Dog, but the fish broke surface and started spinning, leading to a rush for the net.

It turned out to be a half decent Conger, but it couldn’t erase the bitterness of the Corkwing.

We moved through a few marks, picking up the odd fish here and there.

It was a strange day, with the bread and butter fish such as Whiting, Pout, Poor Cod and even Dogs few and far between, but we already had the Conger and picked up a bonus Bass of about 3lb and a decent Ballan of over 2-11-00 which boosted the weight as well as the species count.

Adam managed 8 Rock Gobies during the day, neither Dan or I had one between us!

We ended up with 8 species, including Goldsinney, Tompot, Dog and Pout, but the pressure was on as we knew at least one of the other boats was on 8.

Would the Corkwing cost us???

Happily, NO! Our 8 species and one specimen was enough to take top spot on the day and the Conger was the heaviest fish of the match at 8-04-00.

Not the greatest days fishing, but another species chalked off and a first win of the year for 02B@C so happy days!!!

Club member Dave Elmer had been species hunting on the Breakwater at Holyhead today, fresh from his victory in yesterdays shore league match and his luck continued when he bagged a lovely looking Rock Cook Wrasse for the hunt!

With a week off work soon, im formulating a couple of days of species hunting and Rock Goby, Corkwing and Rock Cook are high on the target list!
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CBVSAC Boat Match 3. Straits. 11/7/10.
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