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 Soaking Up The Rays!

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Porbeagle Hunter

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PostSubject: Soaking Up The Rays!   Sun Jun 27, 2010 11:45 pm

Venue - Rhyl
Duration - 8 hrs
Bait: Fresh Mackerel, Fresh lug, Frozen Lug, Frozen Squid
Boat - Suveran
Skipper - Simon Parry
Date - 25th June 2010

The waterproofs were ditched and the sun block packed for todays summer charter onboard Simon Parry's Suveran.
Sailing out of Rhyl on an 8 hour trip.

A brief drift for Mackerel ensured that we had enough fresh bait for the day.

At anchor, big baits were deployed for the chance of a Tope, Huss, Ray or Conger.
Scratching rigs were dropped down with smaller baits for anything else.

Lee with the first Tub Gurnard of many.

At times it was difficult to get through the Pouting and Poor Cod.

Simon added a Black Bream to his seasons species tally.

Sinbads big baits were not producing, but a some decent Dabs just loved the Lugworm.

A little Codling for Al.

Kev had the first (and last) Huss of the day. No monster, but another species nonetheless!

I'd had plenty of Dabs, and quite a few Tubs.

Headwyn claimed the biggest fish of the day prize with this Thornback Ray.

Simon had a lone Grey Gurnard whilst Al had this vivid Red.

A few monster Mackerel meant that Al was phoning home to get the Barbeque fired up!

In the end, a very respectable 14 species was accounted for.
No monsters, but that's fishing Smile
Another fantastic day with Simon onboard Suveran. The next trip can't come soon enough!

Happy Days!!!

Elsewhere, Del The Tope was out with Ken on Fisherboy.
The smallest hook in Dels tackle box is a 7/0!
So it was no surprise to hear that he had landed 3 nice fish.

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Wolf Fish Hunter

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PostSubject: Re: Soaking Up The Rays!   Sun Jun 27, 2010 11:52 pm

Brilliant day, love the vid Mike!

Heres my version.

After our last trip aboard Suveran II was blown off, I was looking forward to getting out in search of a few more species for this years hunt today.

6 of us met at the slipway and boarded just before 12.30, and set sail to the first mark in search of some Mackeral for bait. Apparently they have been a bit hit and miss of late and this proved the case again, with brief spurts of activity breaking up longer spells of no fish.

We managed several each before setting off to the Calcium to see what was around.

Simon anchored on the Calcium and those of us who were fishing 2 rods opted for one set up for bigger fish and one for the smaller species.

I fished a baited shrimp rig, hoping for a Bream on the lug or squid but was plagued by small Pout and Poor Cod with many full houses and the occasional Dab, Whiting and Mackeral thrown into the mix.

The big rod remained quiet.

We soon got fed up with the plagues of small fish, although Simon was fortunate enough to snare a Bream to take him back into the lead in the hunt before we moved off.

Huss were the main target at the next spot so I went all out and fished 2 rods with big baits and big hooks. One was set up with squid and one on Mackeral.

I had a few Dogs on these, but also found a Huss for the hunt ( albeit a littleun )

And a surprise Thornie of about 5lb.

Mackeral were still thin on the ground and we hoped to target some Tope before the end of the trip, so when Mr Parry senior got in touch to say they were catching loads of Mackeral and had caught 5 Tope during their trip, we soon upped anchor to go and join them.

We hit the bait fish as soon as we arrived. Loads of Mackies and a few Herring came aboard so we dropped the anchor and set up the Tope rods and put down some rubby dubby .

My other rod was set up to try and get a Red or Grey Gurnard, both of which I need for the hunt but I was plagued by Whiting again, with the occasional Dab and a couple of nicely marked Tub Gurnard.

There was a bit of excitement on the Tope rod, when the ratchet started whirring and I jumped into action ready to strike. Alas a shite hawk had flown into my line and was the culprit, although it did have the decency to work its way free before I had got it to the boat.

Simon proved what a fortunate chap he is by pulling in a Grey ( the only Gurnard he needed ) not long from the end of the day!

All too soon it was time to head home after another fantastic trip aboard Suveran II.

It appears the Thornie wasn’t the only type of Ray I caught today as im stinging a bit while I write this but the beer is helping.

After putting some Mackies in the freezer, I went to the prom for a scenic sunset shot. I dont think its one to rival Mikes yet but ill keep trying.

Happy Days!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Soaking Up The Rays!   Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:15 am

great report and pics lads well done all
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Swordfish Hunter

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PostSubject: Re: Soaking Up The Rays!   Mon Jun 28, 2010 9:43 am

Very Happy Very Happy Excellent Very Happy Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Soaking Up The Rays!   

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Soaking Up The Rays!
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